California Certified Interpreters, Inc.

On-Site Interpreting and Translating Throughout California

Since 2012, California Certified Interpreters, Inc. has been able to provide excellent interpreting services from our top certified interpreters.

We can provide the right interpreter for your communication needs. It is our goal to effectively aid our clients when language creates a barrier towards effective communication.

We Offer Interpreting And Translation Services Throughout California For The Following

  • Court Assignments
  • Depositions and Trials
  • Follow Up Medical Appointments
  • Psychological Examinations
  • QME’s and AME’s
  • Workers Compensation
  • Agriculture Union Meetings
  • Union Meetings
  • School Board Meetings
  • And more

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Document Interpretation

Website Interpretation & Translation

Legal Interpretation & Translation

Human Resource Interpretation & Translation

Medical Interpretation & Translation

Corporate & Business Interpretation & Translation

Phone Interpretation Services

Company Info

California Certified Interpreters, Inc.

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