Document Interpretation

California Certified Interpreters, Inc. provides reliable document translation services that you can count on to be accurate every time. We provide all of our clients with a dedicated project manager and will assign you to a specialized translator who matches your needs. Our documents are translated by certified translators to ensure that your translations read accurately.

Support for Almost Any Document Format

In the modern global business environment, we recognize that documents can come in a vast range of formats. CCI has adapted to the current marketplace by enabling you to send documents in almost any format. Some of the document types that we can handle include:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • Framemaker
  • HTML
  • Autocad
  • XML

By having the capability to translate digital documents, we eliminate the hassle of having to paste and reformat text. Instead, we will complete the translation for you in a way that makes the finished document look as close as possible to the formatting of the original copy. In this way, mistakes derived from pasting information in the wrong places can be avoided while your time can be preserved.

Translation of Any Type of Document

CCI can translate almost any type of professional business document. We can translate sensitive corporate communications while having total respect for your confidentiality. Our translations are accurate enough for annual reports, internal policies, and even contracts. If necessary, we can have documents reviewed by attorneys who can confirm that the spirit of your contract is translated into another language with precision. Our team can even work on the technical side to create accurate labels and manuals that are fully understandable to your customers around the world.

Comprehensive Multilingual Services

Our company can translate documents into over 100 languages to enable your business to maintain a truly global presence. You can have all of your documents translated into dozens of languages at the same time, and our team will take care of adjusting any formatting to ensure that all visual elements align properly and match your likeness. Throughout the entire process, our team of translators will communicate with you closely to make sure that you get the results that you are seeking. Reach out to CCI to learn more about our document translation services.



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