Legal Interpretation and Translation

Translation and interpretation is a significant challenge when doing business globally. Your business must exercise care to ensure that you fully understand the legal implications of contracts that may be written in a foreign language and may be subject to the laws of a foreign country. Moreover, complex contracts are generally created through negotiations, and accurate interpreters are necessary to make sure that all parties fully understand specific terms as negotiations proceed. Without accurate interpretation, misunderstandings can lead to impasse when the final contract is drafted. California Certified Interpreters, Inc. can provide the accuracy and technical expertise necessary to surmount the language barriers associated with doing global business.

Services in Any Language

When engaging with global clients, having the flexibility to make deals in any language can give your business a significant competitive advantage. Whether you are simply having informal discussions to consider a potential agreement or deposing a witness who does not know a word of English, our skilled legal translators can enable you to communicate in an effective way.

Document Translations in Any Language

Our translations are reliable and can account for laws in multiple jurisdictions. When discrepancies arise, our team can notify you and provide options for rectifying the issue. When necessary, we can consult with attorneys on your behalf to make sure that documents are fully legal and that they precisely match your legal requirements

Accurate Interpreters for Legal Applications

Our team of interpreters can provide you with translations of live dialogue so that you can engage in effective negotiations. The interpreters that CCI provides can even work in the courtroom to give your business an advantage in legal proceedings. We can act as linguistic intermediaries to help attorneys attempting to reach agreement on settlements. Our interpreters can even help your team to tailor your messaging to account for cultural differences.

Comprehensive Translation Services for Law Firms

In addition to working with business professionals, our team is happy to partner with law firms in California or from around the world. We can provide assistance during depositions, trials, and hearings to ensure that your attorneys can engage effectively through real-time communications. Our team can help you to draft legal documents designed for use in foreign courts, and we can bring in our local partners to help you confirm the legal validity of your documents in foreign jurisdictions.

Get the Legal Translation Assistance You Need

Although we are not a law firm, we are trained to function as a critical partner capable of assisting your legal team. Through our help, you can enter into agreements worldwide without the risk of making a costly legal error. Reach out to CCI to discover how we can help your business or law firm to work effectively in today’s multinational economy.



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