Medical Interpretation and Translation

Medical professionals often struggle to communicate effectively with their patients when language barriers stand in the way. Older immigrants often try to bring their children to appointments to act as interpreters, but these types of translations are often inaccurate and create the potential for abuse. California Certified Interpreters, Inc. offers comprehensive medical translation services to enable medical professionals to communicate in a highly accurate way with their patients. With our assistance, your practice can expand to work with a broader range of clients while protecting yourself from potential legal issues.

Certified Medical Interpreters

Our company can provide you with interpreters who have been certified by reputable independent organizations. Many of our interpreters maintain the prestigious Certified Medical Interpreter credential awarded by the National Board. To earn the CMI certification, interpreters go through rigorous training that requires them to be perfectly fluent in a second language. Moreover, certified interpreters must pass challenging tests verifying that they can accurately translate real-time conversations in a professional manner. Finally, the interpreters must possess a working understanding of medical terminology. Your medical practice, therefore, will be able to provide your patients with the ability to accurately communicate their needs and to learn important information about their health.

Compliance With All Laws

At CCI, we provide medical professionals with the interpretation and translation services required by law in situations where patients are unable to understand what they are being told. Under U.S. law, patients must give informed consent before undergoing certain medical procedures. If a patient is unable to understand English fluently, informed consent cannot be given without the assistance of an interpreter. Our certified interpreters, therefore, are crucial partners because they can enable you to receive legal consent from your patients to prevent potential legal issues. The certified interpreters that we provide for our clients are also trained to comply with HIPPA and other privacy laws.

Medical Interpreters for Your Practice

Our interpreters can help patients who speak over 100 languages to accurately understand medical advice. CCI can help your practice to communicate effectively with your patients and to reduce your risk of malpractice lawsuits. Give CCI a call now to discuss creating a long-term partnership tailored to your needs.



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