Human Resource Interpretation and Translation

When managing a global workforce, it is crucial to maintain consistent policies in all jurisdictions. California Certified Interpreters, Inc. gives your business the power to translate your internal human resources documents into the languages of all countries where you do business. Our HR translation services can also provide you with documents for your U.S. employees who have a limited understanding of English. The HR interpretation services that we provide can even enable your global headquarters to communicate directly with employees in other countries.

Services for Multinational Corporations

CCI is experienced in helping multinational corporations to maintain consistent HR policies in multiple countries simultaneously. In extreme cases, we have worked successfully with businesses that do not have a single employee at a remote facility who speaks English. With the help of our translators, we have enabled our clients to communicate directly with foreign employees who do not have a working understanding of the English language. Our team can also translate HR documents to ensure that policies are accurately articulated to management teams situated abroad. Our multinational clients can, therefore, move into new countries with fewer entry barriers and less risk.

Services for a Blended Workforce

According to the U.S. Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, 1.18 million legal immigrants enter the U.S. each year. Consequently, even if your business only maintains domestic operations, you will inevitably experience issues with language barriers at some point. We can provide on-site assistance to help businesses conduct important meetings either with individual employees or with their overall workforce. CCI can also translate corporate policies, training manuals, warning labels, and other important documents that your employees will need to fully understand.

Get the Translations You Need

Our company can provide comprehensive translation and interpretation services to help your business take advantage of the full range of opportunities available in the modern economy. We can provide your business with digital document translation and even translate your website. Whenever you need an interpreter, our team is always ready to provide assistance on short notice. To learn more about our multilingual services, contact the experienced CCI team.



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