Corporate & Business Interpretation and Translation

The ability to do business in multiple languages has become a requirement when managing a global business. With access to accurate translations and professional interpreters, your business can enjoy the flexibility necessary to take on clients from any country. California Certified Interpreters, Inc. can help you to transcribe company literature into other languages while communicating in real time with employees in other countries.

Top-Quality Language Services

When you work with CCI, your business will reap the benefits of having document translations that are always accurate and professional. Unlike other providers in the translation industry, we do not cut corners by outsourcing our work to unskilled workers. Our translations are done by U.S.-based translators working out of our headquarters in California. Since we operate domestically, we are happy to visit your place of business to provide services rather than only working over the phone. On the other hand, when you need our assistance remotely, our translators and interpreters are only a call away.

Full-Service Document Translation

CCI can translate a comprehensive range of business documents into over 100 languages. With our services, your business can publish professional documents in multiple languages at the same time to appeal to your global audience. We can also translate your website using a unique approach that can tailor your messaging to specific language or cultural groups. To reduce costs, our team can optionally use modern artificial intelligence software to cut down on translation time in a way that actually improves the quality of the finished product. Your business can, therefore, use documents to communicate with your multinational audience with manuals, contracts, conference materials, and marketing campaigns that match your target market.

Interpretation for Business Conferences

Since the purpose of going to a business conference is ultimately to communicate with participants, having the ability to overcome language barriers can provide your business with a strong competitive advantage. Our interpreters can come with your team to conferences to accurately and confidentially translate conversations with participants. You can bring our interpreters with you when you travel abroad, or we can come with you to domestic conferences where you plan to meet with foreign stakeholders. With the help of CCI, therefore, your business can expand by nurturing relationships with multinational partners at key industry conferences.

Get the Right Translations for Your Business

Whether you are a small business or a global conglomerate, we can tailor a service package specifically to your needs. Our team is available on short notice whenever you require assistance, and we can provide you with the ability to communicate in almost any language. Reach out to CCI to discuss your upcoming project.



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